Meet the new Rosie September 10, 2021

rosie tells your loved one's what to do so you don't have to.

Front View of Rosie 2 clock with 5 conversation bubbles

With up to 25 personalized voice reminders.

Proven to deliver the most sustained medication or task adherrence.

Older lady doing floor exercises Rosie 2 clock turned 30 Degrees to the right

Rosie assists independent living seniors, one voice reminder at a time.

With nothing new to learn, using Rosie is


Hello Reminder Bubble

Use this phrase to wake up Rosie and say commands Rosie understands.

Rosie 2 clock with Medicine bottle to the right Rosie 2 clock with hand pushing down

After task is accomplished, press down on Rosie to stop the reminder.

Or simply say this phrase

Reminder off talk bubble



Using your voice, let rosie guide you through setting up new reminders.

what rosie can do

Silhouette of head and 25 to the right
Personalized voice reminders

Record up to 25 reminders/messages in the familiar voice of a loved one shown to deliver maximum task compliance.

Silhouette of light bulb with light rays shining out
Nothing new to learn, easy to use, setup and control

User hears reminders or messages, accomplishes the task, and turns off the message. Simply follow Rosie's prompts for setup and recording messages.

Silhouette of wifi with line through it
No Wifi,
No Fees

Eliminates frustrations associated with wi-fi and costly recurring monthly fees.

Line art of flip calendar day
Unlimited use cases

Record reminders/messages daily, weekly, Mon-Fri, by date or annually with associated reminder times.

Silhouette of head with audio waves protruding from mouth
Voice activated

Rosie responds to simple voice commands like "what day is it?", "today's reminders", "reminder off" and more.

Line art of globe
Record in any language. Display in 5 languages.

Record anyone, in any language. You can even record comforting messages such as "mom I love you, good night."

Lineart of electrical wire plug

Plugs into any outlet where the user spends most of their time.

Line art of outline of a screen with directional arrows going from bottom left to top right
New large display

2-inch LED digits and 3 "day clock" display options can be seen day or night from any angle.

Three lines, each line with a bubble, looks like a volume control
Volume and brightness levels

Now with more options for loudness and brightness for those with hearing or visual impairments.

Line art of battery with electrial bolt through the center
Battery backup

Rosie plays back reminder/messages even during power outages, but the display turns off.

people love rosie

Rosie has been improving the lives of individuals and their caregivers for nearly a decade.

Hearing reminders in a familiar voice along with Rosie's guided setup makes her the perfect tool to help keep your loved ones on schedule and safer and ease caregiver stress.

Kim M.

I purchased Rosie at the recommendation of a rehabilitation specialist at the assisted living facility where my elderly dad lives. He has his own studio apartment but was rapidly losing his short term memory. As a result, the rehab specialist was working with us to see if we could find a way to allow him to remain in his current unit and maintain his independence as long as possible.

This device is helping him even more than we'd hoped it would. It was a simple process to record brief personal messages reminding him to take medicine, move around and go to meals. He especially likes hearing my voice and he responds well to the prompts.

Judi R.

Love it. Easy to program, great for my mom who has Alzheimer's. She doesn't have to do anything and it reminds her of all her various activities, meals, etc. at her retirement home.

Virginia M.

This is the best clock for a visually impaired person. All they have to do is speak and it changes the times and alarms for them. A very durable piece of equipment and it will speak clearly so you are sure the time is correct.

Linda D.

Peace of mind

Got this product for my diabetic father who is in mid-stage of Alzheimer's and so far we're finding it to be very helpful. He responds daily to our reminder to inject himself. He says he likes hearing our voices. It gives us peace of mind until we can attend to him.

how to

purchase rosie


In the USA, you can purchase Rosie at Amazon along with and it's 500 participating stores.

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In Canada Rosie can be purchased at Amazon and London Drugs.

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Front view of rosie 2 clock

technical specifications


Up to 25 voice reminders or messages

8 seconds in any language

device control

Voice or manual operation

and weight
Line drawing of front and side view of rosie 2 clock

Weight: 2lbs

Line drawing of front of Rosie 2 clock showing size of digits

Time only

Amber 2" LED digits

Day/night visible at any angle

3 brightness settings; high, low and off

5 language options; English, Spanish, French, German & Italian

Line drawing of front of Rosie 2 showing dates

Day and Date

Line drawing of front of Rosie 2 showing days

Day and part of day


Separate alarm clock function, 4 alarm sounds, 9 minute snooze, alarm on/off switch

internet connection

Internet connection not required, works offline


3 volume settings; high (up to 120dB), mid & low record louder for louder playback. Turn on/off reminder playback (inset button on back)


AC 120v, 60Hz; UL/CSA listed

3AAA battery backup

what's included

Rosie 2.0, AC 100-240 Volts Adapter, Quick Start Guide, User Guide, Rosie Commands List (on back of Rosie 2.0), Tent Card for quick references